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Supporting Personal & Professional Change

“The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone.”
― Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Ready for a Change?

Whether you are choosing change or feeling besieged by it, consider help.

I describe my work as catalysing change in life and work with support, encouragement and discipline.

life not easier, you strongerOften the catalyst is a redundancy, a failed relationship, a health crisis or an untimely death in the family. Change may be inevitable; choosing how to deal with and grow from it is a choice.

A hard choice to make when you are in the throes of crisis.

Whether choosing change is a choice or a matter of dealing with inevitability, resources abound. The difficulty is knowing what will help you.

Drawing on my training in career development and a personal experience of navigating radical change in life and career, I and my colleagues offer various options:


I invite you to join me for an initial session to determine whether we are suited to work together. You might also consider first attending a talk, workshop or group meeting.

Over an agreed course of between three and six sessions we will identify and clarify your strengths and skills. Once identified we will build on those skills and structure a plan unique to your personality type, life stage and comfort level with various traditional, complementary or alternative therapies.

You will end with a “toolbox” of resources, contacts and connections to support you in sustaining your new habits and commitment.

Consider beginning with a “Career Check Up“!


Why consider it? Group process may seem intimidating. Culturally, we on the island of Ireland are not in the habit of sharing our experiences, strength and hope outside of our circles of close family and friends.

Our close family and friends know us well. They also have a view of how we “should be”. We’ve told them we want to be thinner, neater, happier etc, they may even lovingly support those desires. Sadly, were their love and good intentions enough, we would already be there.

You've changedA common occurrence when choosing a ‘road less travelled’ is for friends and family to say: “you’ve changed”. What that usually means is that you’ve stopped doing things predictably.

Sustaining even small changes is hard, friends and family may long for the “old you”.

How often have we had support when we were “on the diet”, but on arrival at our goal weight been encouraged to “treat ourselves”?

How often has questioning our career choice met with “you can’t give up that pension”?

Are we often told not to end an unhealthy relationship because “they’re like one of the family” or “you can’t live without them”?

Groups provide fellow travelers who will support and challenge us to become the best we can be. A “family of choice” who will honour our intention and be gentle as we cope with changing and slipping and changing again.

Working individually or in group, I will act as your supportive partner, champion and guide.

Email for more information.