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Empowering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

NEO3FinalmodfysliderOur mission in “sowing the seeds of prosperity” is about preparing people to fully participate in the “new” economy.

Dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in Dublin and Belfast have allowed Ireland to compete globally across a range of industries.

Our focus is on expanding on those ecosystems to create sustainable regional economies across the island.

Excellent scholarship exists on entrepreneurial ecosystems, what matters and what doesn’t.

We know that there may be few jobs in the traditional sense, but there is plenty of work. Up-skilling and re-skilling is required and confidence building and support in that process cannot be underestimated.

There are upwards of 20,000 tech jobs currently unfilled on the island of Ireland. Our schools do not offer a curriculuum to prepare young people for those careers. The private sector must drive programs that do. It is estimated that 70% of jobs as we know them will be gone by 2030. Preparing ourselves and our children for self employment is critical. It matters that we are entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurship!

Culture change is key.

You can help. Join a network, share your wisdom, champion or mentor a startup. Follow the leaders driving real economic development here. Ask us how.

You can read more about our approach here.

  • Individual skill building
  • Business development education and support
  • Supporting a dynamic “entrepreneurial ecosystem”

This work was formerly delivered by Neo Ireland Ltd.  At Empowering Change and with the support of Tangible Ireland we continue to create communities. Like-minded people come together and focus on economic recovery one job at a time. The peace process has come as far as it can go. We are advancing a prosperity process.

Advancing it requires economic stakeholders. That is, citizens focused on the individual and collective creation of wealth within communities. People who own their own businesses create sustainable jobs. People who value their employment and in creating opportunities for their children, these are people who are invested in maintaining the peace.

An empowered and economically secure citizenry will find their voices and become politically engaged. We will then have the leadership we deserve.

How you can help