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Meet Eve

Change is fundamentally hard. When you choose change, don’t go it alone! Whether the transformation required is professional, personal or in communities, the tools and skills are the same. Individual coaching, support groups and book-based educational programs are available.

DSC_4811The ex-pat American granddaughter of a reluctant emigrant from Ireland, she is passionate that we must stop the wholesale and repeated export of the children of this island to find work.

Creating employment here requires a multi-pronged approach. It begins with the individual. Engaging the diaspora and attracting investment is quite effectively driven by government agencies. It doesn’t end there.

It is the work of ordinary citizens to up-skill for 21st century jobs, to learn to assert and market our intellectual property and to insert ourselves into the global economy.

In 2008, her mantra was “No jobs may be available, but there is plenty of work.” “Turning ideas into livelihoods” is the mission. Together we assess marketable skills and devise ways to have you paid to do what you do well.

Living a thirty year delayed dream of a home and work abroad, she started her business as a reluctant entrepreneur. She has lived the work of overcoming her fears and reframing her skill sets to create her own employment. The model applies to many.

“Believe me, this wasn’t my plan. In hindsight, I gained the skills and confidence in the messages and modelling of the wisest of my mentors, counsellors and peers.”

Let her help you create your own cluster of supportive mentors, counsellors and peers to empower your journey.

Contact Eve for more information about your own work or career change,  starting or expanding your business in Ireland.