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About Us

Change is fundamentally hard. Choosing change requires commitment, clarity, support and skill-building.

Navigating the process, personally, professionally or systemically, requires safe spaces.

So whether your need is to create a safe space –

  • Personally – to identify patterns, throw off old habits, distance yourself from crazy-makers in your life or quiet your undermining self-talk;
  • Professionally – to address the obstacles to getting ahead at work or gain clarity about whether the work is in sync with your values and goals;
  • Civically – to participate more fully as a citizen, a volunteer or a mentor

…the work begins when we make up our minds that the pain of changing outweighs the pain of staying stuck.

Mind made up? Then jump in!

Here’s how:

  • Begin the process in your own time and at your own pace. You can explore the tools – here.
  • Reserve your spot for our monthly “First Friday” discussion of how best to put those tools to work.
  • Sign up to participate in our online Q&A  – “What if I’m not quite ready?”The stringent requirement of a sustained creative life is the humility to start anew.  Julia Cameron 

In a recent LinkedIn article, Ready for a Change? – I made the case for choosing change. On one level it’s selfish – I work with people and small businesses when they’re ready for a change. On another level, what I envisage is the energy and leadership that newly confident, successful people will bring to changing their wider worlds.