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Business Support

We facilitate these groups monthly:

Women that Work

Transitional best describes the career path of many women. Ours is a circular rather than linear trajectory. Whether or not child rearing is, was or might be part of your life’s work, women handle the life/work ‘balancing act’ differently than men. Perspective helps.

Women from varied backgrounds, some working outside the home, some working from home and some full time mums gather to support each other’s work, network and share their experiences.

Interested? Let us know how we can help you advance your existing business, support your plans to start a business, or help you begin to think about what might come next in your life.

You are most welcome, whether or not you are currently employed. All women work!

We’re here to support the self-employed or those considering the transition to self employment.

Self-employment for some or all of our careers is a 21st century reality. Isolation is a key challenge. We gather to create a network of supportive colleagues. Members share wisdom and experience to fill the skills gaps we all experience. They support sales and marketing efforts and provide a sounding board for new service/product development ideas.

If a network of colleagues to support your micro business will help – do join us.


To RSVP to our next monthly meeting or for more information: