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Cafe Conversations

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Café Conversations’ offer a forum for any group of thoughtful, committed citizens to come together and frankly discuss what it will take the citizens of the island of Ireland to change our world. How do we drive excellence, economically, socially and politically?

“It’s been said that the Irish only do 10% of what they talk about…
so, we should talk more!”  – Ray Sexton

The sentiment expressed by Tangible Ireland’s founder, while humorous speaks to the importance of “talking”.

Cafe conversationsThere are many obstacles to overcome in effecting an island-wide economic recovery. Job #1 is to agree to understand that proposing island-wide economic initiatives does not reflect a political agenda.

Ireland is a small island. A potential market of six million is significantly more attractive to domestic and foreign investment than 4 + 2 million consumers. We are stewards of the island the future of all it’s children. Surely, on that we can agree.

Efficiencies can be achieved in health care, education and energy distribution if we begin to view “the border” as an asset and a resource rather than a problem to be solved.

Please join the conversation, or propose one.

Our next will be:

The Challenges of Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Past conversations have included:

What are the obstacles to change on the border?
How can we choose to overcome them?

Week 1: Attitudinal Changes

What are the obstacles to our “parking” the National question? How do we adapt our language to allow for it?

Week 2: Vision

  • How do we focus our efforts island-wide and regionally toward growing complementary centres of excellence.
  • Is this potentially an antidote to approaching FDI and economic development competitively?
  • How do we  showcase the advantages of the border? We undervalue its attraction to businesses with the advantages of  choosing a jurisdiction while still providing workforce and resource availability from Dublin and Belfast.

Week 3: New Structures & Systems

A serious discussion about specific quick and long term fixes to realistically approach economic development and sustainability.

  • What Public/Private partnerships might emerge to tackle infrastructure projects?
  • What efficiencies might be achieved in delivering quality health care in the border region?


Could a ‘Culture of Continuing Education’ Drive Prosperity?

Week 1: Life Long Learning

  • Life Long Learning is key to unlocking our potential.

Knowing how to do things can be more important than formal qualifications.  How can we unleash the latent potential of those without formal qualification but keen to contribute.

 Week 2: Centres of Excellence

  • How many global centres of excellence can we have on a small island?
  • Could market opportunities be linked to specific employer driven, non-degree training?
  • Can we teach old dogs new tricks or use the old tricks in new sectors?

Week 3: Control, Alt, Delete

  • Can we identify specific remedies to re-skill & up-skill potential employees?
  • What Public/Private partnerships might emerge to re-energise people using existing training efforts & industry specific programs?
  • Can we embrace the opportunity to fill niche labour markets shortfalls in Dublin and Belfast?
  • Can we collectively reboot our thought processes?