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About Eve…

A Woman with Many Hats

When asked: “Eve – what exactly do you do?”

I simply ask: “Are you living your best life?’’

Working with individuals and small businesses, I teach resilience, flexibility and creativity. They’re key to the confidence required to live well in an uncertain world.

Life used to be simpler. Your work life was a career path. We all anticipated a ‘linear’ one. Typically we moved from school to work, had infrequent job changes and onto retirement. Not so anymore.

Career and small business development success requires a robust skills assessment or needs analysis, skills for building networks and support systems, while determining how best to create a work life that reflects and supports your values. Today, there’s no work life balance to be found – it’s about maintaining a balanced life.

Here, across the island of Ireland, supporting an individual’s change, personally or professionally, means overcoming cultural and post-conflict challenges to collaboration, cooperation and affiliation.

“Culture Change” is a tall order, but driving a robust prosperity process is not just about economics. It’s about empowering an active citizenry. The hows and the whys and some of the success stories can be found on my blog.

If you’ve attended or subscribed to a Northern Ireland BizCamp, Newry Creates, Women that Work, TEDxBelfast Women, CoderDoJo Newry & Mourne – then you’ll recognise my commitment to building prosperity by supporting a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as graduates prepared for 21st century jobs in science, engineering and technology.

We can’t effect or sustain any change without creating opportunities. A population of 6 million cannot support economic growth across the island alone. We require robust export markets and a means to attract the return of young, skilled and educated emigrants.

My work across the Diaspora – or “Global Ireland” opens doors to that end. Navigating the outreach efforts of Enterprise Ireland, Northern Irish Connections, Invest Northern Ireland, Intertrade Ireland and the myriad other organisations focused on economic development can be overwhelming. Don’t go it alone.

More importantly, it’s not all about economic development. Our emigrants and their descendants – 80 million worldwide, share a history, culture and connectedness to be supported and encouraged.

Many Hats, One Mission

Empowering Change – these many endeavours have a single focus: building relationships that support people who are mindfully building prosperous and self-sustaining lives and communities. For some that’s a commitment to entrepreneurship or career development, for others regional economic regeneration, for a few, it’s driving social change.

For all it’s about reflecting back their vision of the future, opening doors and supporting their efforts, here in Ireland or abroad.

Change is inevitable, building resilience takes work – how can I help? Best not to go it alone!