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Empowering Change & Global Ireland

Ireland’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, in the Republic and Northern Ireland has been enriched by the mining the Diaspora’s leadership, lessons, inspiration and investment. We’re nearing 80 million across the globe.

There is a the wealth of wisdom, energy and leadership among the Irish & Ulster Scots –in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Formally and informally, Ireland’s emigrants and their descendants have contributed generously. They have established philanthropies, built universities, funded innovative and creative economic development projects and helped bring an end to conflict.

The island is now home to centres of excellence in Tech, Finance, Media Production, Bio Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Engineering, Conflict Resolution, and Entrepreneurship among others.

Agencies like Enterprise Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland, Intertrade Ireland and the IDA have driven foreign direct investment (FDI) by connecting Ireland with these resources.

Our mission at Empowering Change is to connect the Diaspora’s businesses, enterprises and people – not necessarily back to Ireland – but among themselves.

We offer startup and microbusiness support in the Republic and Northern Ireland – and our current focus has been preparing for #Brexit.

Supported by an all-island team of associates, our clients are getting leaner, they’re taking full advantage of agency assistance with regulatory changes and we’re opening new markets across the EU, US. And we’re navigating the uncertainties by connecting Irish and NI businesses to each other in order to partner cross-border utilising each other’s networks, experience, markets, facilities and expertise.

So if your project, business or enterprise might benefit from such connectivity. Get in touch!