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How does the process work?

It doesn’t, you do!

The author’s intention was that you and others would come together in small peer groups and work through the chapters together.

Begin with the book. Adopt the practice of daily Morning Pages and the specific tools of each program: the weekly Artist Date for The Artist’s Way; Counting, Walking and Time-outs for the work of The Prosperous Heart.

When you are ready to begin, read each chapter thoughtfully and do all of the assignments.

Why consider a facilitated group?

Structured regular meetings provide a framework to support completed assignments and peer encouragement to take two hours “refilling the creative well”, the point of the Artist Date.

You come to understand that your fears and negative self-talk are not your unique obstacles to change. Other group members and the facilitator have been where you are.

The facilitator is not a teacher rather, a catalyst:

  • you do the work
  • you uncover the obstacles to changing your life
  • you develop the skills to overcome them
  • It is hard work.  The group is there support you:
  • in a nurturing and challenging space
  • guided by an experienced career counselor
  • with an ever expanding network of like-minded people

You now also have the option of doing the Artist’s Way work with the author on-line. I encourage you to consider it.

Use the form at the right to book, register your interest or enquire about fees for facilitated or mentored groups.

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