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How does the process work?

The Method –

I’ve referred to the methodology established in The Artist’s Way work as a “personal change management program“.

Beginning three decades ago, millions have gone on to put her methods to work and have discovered and recovered their creative selves.

When introduced, the tools and disciplines she employed were seen as an unconventional.

Thirty years on-

  • Group process is well respected outside the framework of traditional recovery programs
  • #MorningPages  – her version of “meditation for Westerners” – is mainstream enough to for a hashtag following.No longer “out there” – it’s a method well respected and recommended by coaches & writers. Thanks to Guardian journalist, Oliver Burkeman‘s This Column Will Change Your Life: Morning Pages – thousands have come to the discipline having never read the book!
  • #ArtistDate – arguably once the most resisted tool now has a wealth of Twitter & Instagram endorsements of the process

Since 1992 – Cameron has written books on bringing the process to building resilience, persevering, writing and even getting our eating and spending under control – now she invites us to ‘begin again‘.

The powerful new tool Cameron introduces here is Memoir.

The Memoir

Over the course of 12 chapters – or weeks in a facilitated group – we will have explored what it takes to keep moving forward with the ‘humility to be a beginner‘. 

Take heart, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds – as best described in one student’s story:

I was scared to do the memoir because I thought I’d left myself behind. p.150

There is nothing to fear and no writing skill is required. Just make a commitment to take pen to paper do a weekly “jot list” answering questions that help you gently revisit your life – in four to six year intervals (your age divided by 12).

Exactly what does “gently” mean?

The questions asked frame and highlight experience, they are not digging and intrusive. Early ones include – Where did you live? What is your earliest memory? Describe a smell? What was your favourite food? Describe a sound? You’ll revisit some of the questions in each decade and explore others.

The outcome is that “you will trigger vivid memories, discover lost dreams, and find unexpected healing and clarity.

I found the idea of the exercises intimidating, but started. What I discovered is best expressed by “Maggie” a student of Cameron’s:

Looking back at my younger self is actually giving me patience with my current self.p.127

or Lynn for whom:

“demystifying her patterns empowers..” p.106

and Beyond

What brings you true joy?”

As you explore this is Week 8, you find it is not the daunting question it seems to be today.

Jot Lists & #MorningPages, Walks and #ArtistDates will have brought insights into where you’ve experienced or even just glimpsed joy before and where to look for it again.

So whether you’re looking for a second career, an active retirement or simply a fresh endeavour – in this process you are simply “laying the foundation for tomorrow” p.147

Taking Action

Our capacity to create is tied to the faith & optimism it takes to begin.

Consider joining us to begin.