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Book-Based Learning Groups

The method is a means of supporting you in a process of DIY “Personal Change Management”.

We offer various ways to help you begin your  journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Change is inevitable. You can either be blown over by it or lean in and hoist a sail. Why manage the sail single handedly? We’re here to help you learn:

 You determine which vehicle suits you or your group:

facilitatedgroups  supportedgroups


Our guidelines for working in book groups are adapted from the “Creative Cluster’s Guide” Julia Cameron provides in the Artist’s Way. It is an excellent outline of necessary ground rules and boundaries with encouragement to be:

“… self-loving. If the facilitator feels somehow “wrong” to you, change clusters or start your own. Continually seek your own inner guidance rather than outer guidance. You are seeking to form an artist-to-artist relationship with the great creator. Keep gurus at bay. You have your own answers with in you.”

Additionally, all groups are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.